Biocontrol of Japanese Beetle, 2022

Vera Krischik, Michael Angstman, and Carrie Deans

The Krischik lab is conducting research on Japanese beetle (JB) management with a native, soil inhabiting pathogen, Ovavesicula popilliae. We know the pathogen can be found in Stillwater and the UMN St. Paul campus. We are trying to locate other places that the fungus might be present. Eventually, we will release the pathogen at volunteer sites. Funds from an LCCMR state grant have been provided to research the effects of this fungus on JB in MN. The University of Minnesota, Entomology Department, is collaborating with Michigan State University, where the fungus has been studied for 10 years and was released in five states, including Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, and Michigan. In Michigan, at 6 years post-inoculation, JB grub numbers dropped by 30%.