Krischik Lab Research Staff, 2021

Dr. Vera Krischik, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, performs research and offers extension education for pollinator conservation biocontrols, nontarget effects of insecticides, best practices for pollinators, and integrated pest management (IPM) on landscape, nursery and greenhouse crops.  Dr. Krischik is the founder and principal investigator at CUES, Center for Urban Ecology & Sustainability. CUES strives to educate landscape professionals and residential landowners about ways to embrace environmental stewardship by practicing sustainable land management.  Education:  M.S. Department of Zoology, U of Maryland, College Park, MD.   Ph.D. Department of Entomology, U of Maryland, College Park, MD.  Full biography here. . .
Department of Entomology, University of Minnesota, 1980 Folwell Avenue #219, St. Paul, MN 55108.  Phone: 612.625.7044; email: [email protected]

vera portrait

Laurie Schneider, Research Supervisor.
Laurie's long time interest and passion in the natural world led her to seed and grow a pollinator conservation organization.  She began working with Dr. Vera Krischik on pollinator best practices in 2015, and joined the Krischik Lab in 2019. She leads field studies, works on butterfly and bee experiments, and creates outreach materials for pollinator preservation. She's a graduate of the University of Minnesota and has a background in regenerative farming, animal husbandry and beekeeping.
Department of Entomology, email:  [email protected]

laurie schneider

Dr. Rebeca Gutierrez-Moreno, PhD, Researcher.
Rebeca was a PostDoc in the Krischik lab from Jan 2019 to Jan 2020 when she left to take a position as Pollinator Coordinator with Minnesota Environmental Quality Board.  Rebeca earned her PhD in Entomology from Michigan State University in 2017.


Matthew Lagus, Researcher.
Matt's interest in insects began as a kid while helping his Nana in her garden. He graduated from Luther College (2019) with a B.A. in biology and Spanish, and a minor in math.  Presently, he is passionate about contributing good to both the natural world and people. He joined the Krischik Lab in 2020, where he assists with pollinator conservation research and data analysis.
Department of Entomology, email: [email protected]

matt lagus

Nicholas Partington, Research Assistant.
Nick hasn't let his bitter relationship with mosquitos diminish his interest in insects or pollinator conservation. He graduated from St. Olaf College in 2019 with a B.A. in biology and a statistics minor. He enjoys the outdoors and plans to pursue a career in conservation. Having previously worked on bumblebee surveys in northern Minnesota, he joined the Krischik Lab in 2020, where he helps with plant care and experiments. 
Department of Entomology, email:  [email protected]

nicholas partington

Temo Balaxashvili, Research Assistant.
Temo came to the Krischik lab with a strong beekeeper background, MAST student from 2017 -2018 which he applied to the management of studies on the pesticide effects of bumble bees. He coordinated the propagating and maintenance of pollinator plants for bumble bee and butterfly research.



Former students, staff

  • Ivan Munkres, 2019 researcher
  • George Kostakis, 2019 MAST student
  • Jenny Nguyen, 2019 summer student
  • Arianna Untereker, 2019 summer student
  • Elise Armstrong, 2019 summer student
  • Erica Brock, 2019 CFANS RAP
  • Meredith Pounds, 2019 UROP 
  • Michaela Sanford, 2018 UROP
  • Elizabeth Braatz, 2017 UROP
  • Elizabeth Carls, 2016 horticulture professional studies
  • Tyler Obermoller, 2013 UROP
  • Rafael del los Rios Boulton, 2012 UROP
  • Emily Tenczar, 2005 UROP

Students advised

  • Jamison Scholer, MS in 2013, currently at Minnesota Department of Agriculture
  • Julia Leone, MS in 2012, received Hodson award
  • Mary Rogers, MS in 2008, currently Assistant Professor in UM Horticulture
  • Dr. Garima Gupta, Post Doc 2008, Researcher at Dept. of Zoology, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India
  • Emily Tenczar, MS in 2007, greenhouse IPM specialist
  • Luis Martin, MAG 2005, co-advisor for research
  • Emory Matts, MS in 2005, professor of pest control structural
  • Alyson Landmark, MAG in 2000, co-advisor for research, horticulture business owner
  • Scott Smith, MS in 2000, currently at USDA
  • Barb Gregerson, MAG 1999, co-advisor for research, greenhouse manager
  • Marcus Zbinden, MLS 1999, co-advisor for research, Carver County environment services